April 3, 2023 in Announcements

Anthony Furey Enters Toronto Mayoral Race

Monday April 3rd, 2023 at 11:00 AM ET – Local broadcaster and family man Anthony Furey met with the clerk at Toronto City Hall to submit the paperwork launching his campaign in the June 26th byelection to become Mayor of Toronto.

Anthony has been a trusted journalist for 15 years and a vocal advocate for the businesses and people of Toronto. As Mayor, he will bring real solutions to the city making the streets safer, transit more accessible and life more affordable. While other candidates are keen to defund the police, Anthony intends on tackling crime by supporting police while addressing the core issues such as drug addiction, poverty and lack of mental health supports.

Furey is the former national Comment editor and columnist with the Toronto Sun and currently serves as vice president of editorial and content at the digital media platform True North. He never hesitates to call a spade a spade, “Toronto is a city in decline and we cannot expect to see change while electing the same people who drove it into the ground. I want to give Toronto back to the residents; the hockey moms, the commuters stuck in traffic on the 401, the small businesses who have been beaten down over the past couple years, struggling families and our seniors.”

Furey is raising 3 children in the city and wants to restore Toronto’s world-class reputation and bring back common-sense spending to City Hall. He states that “Other candidates are already planning tax hikes and “revenue tools” that would further hurt low-income residents. Families and businesses are living pay cheque to pay cheque largely because of government mismanagement. We can’t afford the status quo. I bring a fresh perspective that understands the government is meant to serve and represent residents – not tax them into poverty.”

The Furey campaign has launched online at https://www.furey.ca/ and the location of the campaign office will be announced shortly.

Anthony Furey Enters Toronto Mayoral Race