April 20, 2023 in Announcements

Furey Says No To New Bike Lanes On Major Roads

Toronto Mayoral candidate Anthony Furey said as Mayor he will halt Toronto’s “outrageous” pledge to create new dedicated bike lanes throughout the city and will remove the University Avenue dedicated lanes.

“The current approach to bike lanes in Toronto is outrageous — it has just gone too far,” says Furey.

Ambulance response times have slowed, the Taste of the Danforth was cancelled, traffic is worse — this is why, as Mayor, I will say no more bike lanes on major roads.”

The plans for new lanes on Bloor Street West, Eglinton Ave., Sheppard Ave. and Kingston Rd.

Furey will remove the dedicated lanes on University Avenue in the name of public safety, to better facilitate access to Hospital Row. Other lanes will be considered for removal in consultation with actual community stakeholders as opposed to the vocal minority bike lobby.

Furey says: “I often ride my bike to run errands or go out with my kids, but you can’t just see the world through one lens. You’ve got to respect everyone. Toronto’s most hardcore cycling advocates don’t care if they ruin small businesses or block ambulances. They’ve just gone too far.”

The City made a commitment last year to build 100kms of new bike lanes by 2024. Furey says this is because they can’t say no to fringe activists who don’t represent average Toronto residents.

As Mayor, Furey will be open to creating new bike lanes but will work with BIAs, community groups and cyclists to locate appropriate streets that are not main thoroughfares and do not burden local neighbourhoods.