April 28, 2023 in Announcements

Anthony Furey Gets Endorsement From Dr. Weidong Pei

Anthony Furey Gets Endorsement From Dr. Weidong Pei

On Thursday evening at Mel Lastman Square, Toronto mayoral candidate Anthony Furey was endorsed by Dr. Weidong Pei — the TDSB trustee for Ward 12, Willowdale.

Today I am pleased to announce that I am endorsing Anthony Furey to be our next Mayor of Toronto,” said Dr. Pei, a North York dentist, as he was surrounded by supporters and members of his community.


“People I speak to in Willowdale and patients in my dental office from across Toronto are deeply concerned about the exploding crime in this city,” Dr. Pei said. “We need a Mayor like Anthony who is going to ensure there are more police on our streets. Anthony won’t be intimidated by defund the police activists like some of the other mayoral candidates.”

Dr. Pei continued: “We know much of the crime in Toronto is fuelled by the drug epidemic. Anthony knows more drug injection sites and and decriminalizing drugs is not the answer.”

When it comes to education matters, Dr. Pei said: “As a father of three young children I know Anthony is deeply concerned about our education system. As a trustee, I value the voices of parents more than anything. I know Anthony will ensure the voices of parents are valued over the voices of activists and lobbyists at City Hall too.”

Furey thanked Dr. Pei for his support and praised him for being a champion of key issues. “Dr. Pei is well-known not just in Willowdale and North York but throughout Toronto for being an advocate on some of the important issues faced by families across the city. It is an honour to be endorsed by Dr. Pei and I thank him for his support.”