April 28, 2023 in Announcements

Furey Launches $1-Billion Legal Action Against Metrolinx Over Eglinton Crosstown Fiasco

Toronto Mayoral candidate Anthony Furey is seeking $1-billion in damages on behalf of taxpayers.  Friday morning in front of Union Station Furey announced his plans as Mayor to commence legal action against Metrolinx for their contractual breaches and persistent failures over the Eglinton Crosstown LRT.

It’s been over a decade of this and the people of Toronto have politely accepted delay after delay, poor communication, gridlock and harm to businesses along a major street,” Furey said. “City council has been quietly accepting this shoddy performance, but it’s now time to get noisy and show that we won’t take it anymore. Someone has to protect the taxpayers and stand up for the people of Toronto.”

Furey will distribute any proceeds received from legal action to businesses and BIAs along Eglinton Ave.

On Thursday, Toronto residents learned that the Eglinton Crosstown project is plagued with over 250 quality control problems and there was no credible timeline to complete the more than decade long project that is now turning into a multibillion dollar boondoggle.

Mayor Furey will see that the City of Toronto pursues legal action against Metrolinx and the province in accordance with provisions in the various agreements executed between the parties over the years.

Furey points out that Metrolinx is careening towards what agreements between the province and the City describe as a “major default”. He is also calling for an independent reviewer to be immediately appointed to review the terms of the various contracts Metrolinx signed with its contractors, which is consistent with the signed contracts.

“Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney and Metrolinx boss Phil Verster want to blame the contractors, but that won’t cut it,” Furey said. “It’s their job to manage the contractors and they’re just not doing their job.”

Furey points out that the project was already supposed to be finished by now.

“Back in 2021, media and politicians went on a tour of the Eglinton Crosstown project and were told it was over 90% completed,” Furey said. “Yet now we’re told they have no clue when it will open and have to redo some of the concrete. These constant delays are unacceptable.”

Anthony Furey available to the media.

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Furey Launches $1-Billion Legal Action Against Metrolinx Over Eglinton Crosstown Fiasco