April 30, 2023 in Announcements

Jordan Peterson endorses Anthony Furey in run for Toronto mayor

I was excited to receive the endorsement of popular author and influencer Dr. Jordan Peterson the other day.

The noted psychologist, who lives in downtown Toronto, spoke with me about his long standing passion for this city and all the great people who live here.

I’ve been very happy to see the entrance of Anthony Furey into the race for mayor of Toronto, and would like to express my unqualified support for his campaign,” Peterson posted to his over 4 million followers.

Peterson added that I’m the clear choice over left-wing candidate Olivia Chow.

When it comes to violence on our streets, Peterson noted: “We don’t need to be LA, Portland, San Francisco or NYC — and we certainly and absolutely don’t need to be Chicago — and that’s the direction that Chow would take Toronto. ‘No’ to the woke bicycle-worshipping moralists.”

I’m campaigning for low taxes and an affordable city, safe streets and transit, and a City Hall that listens to regular folks and doesn’t cave to woke activist demands.

But to win this, I need your support. If you agree with Dr. Peterson that Toronto just can’t afford to elect Olivia Chow, then please support my campaign.

Go to www.furey.ca to pledge your support and donate.

Thank you for your support!

Anthony Furey

P.S. Donations greater than $25 are eligible for generous rebates of up to 75%. A donation of $100 actually only costs you $25 out of pocket after the rebate! All Ontario residents can donate.