May 2, 2023 in Announcements

Toronto Restaurateur Mark McEwan Endorses Mayor Furey

Toronto Restaurateur Mark Mcewan Endorses Mayor Furey

Celebrity chef Mark McEwan endorsed Anthony Furey to become the next Mayor of Toronto on Tuesday.

“Toronto’s facing a lot of challenges these days, I believe Anthony Furey is up to the job”, said McEwan, standing with Furey at the Don Mills location of his McEwan Foods store on Tuesday. “He can clean up Toronto, make it the clean city we once knew. He can straighten Toronto out.”

McEwan has for years been a popular media personality and was the head judge on Top Chef Canada. A successful entrepreneur and businessman, he continues to own the popular Bymark restaurant and other ventures.

“I’m honoured to be endorsed by Chef McEwan,” said Furey. “I’ve been a fan of Mark’s for years and I have so much respect for his role as a Toronto job creator and businessman.”

Furey has previously spoken of the need to stand up for businesses by eliminating red tape and unnecessary fees.

Furey added: “My commitment to Chef McEwan and all city residents is that, as Mayor of Toronto, I will work tirelessly to make Toronto safe, keep the city moving and bring a pro-business mindset to City Hall.”

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