May 4, 2023 in Announcements

Furey calls out Olivia Chow’s costly ‘war on the car’

Mayoral candidate Anthony Furey says Olivia Chow’s plans for a Scarborough bus route are really all about her plans to tear down the Gardiner, worsen congestion and ratchet up the war on the car.

Olivia Chow’s plan to tear down the Gardiner will just make our commutes longer, and will gouge taxpayers for millions of dollars,” Furey said. “We all know this isn’t about creating more options for Scarborough, it’s about fewer options for drivers. If Olivia Chow had her way, downtown Toronto would be one giant bike lane.”

That’s not a solution for Torontonians. That’s a problem.


“We need to get Toronto moving,” Furey says. “With Queen Street now shut down for years, and with Metrolinx continuing to not hold up their end of the bargain on Eglinton, for which I have said I will launch a $1-billion legal action against them, hard-working Toronto families cannot afford another red light.”


Furey added: “We need to minimize the disruptions, not create more. It’s time to once again respect Toronto drivers, and respect the suburbs.”


Anthony is available for comment today.


Mike Bendixen | Senior Media Advisor | 416-951-7397