May 6, 2023 in Announcements

Anthony Furey Wants To Make Ontario Place Even Bigger With Landfill From Subway Dig

Mayoral Candidate Anthony Furey Wants To Make Ontario Place Even Bigger With Landfill From Subway Dig

Toronto Mayoral candidate Anthony Furey has announced an innovative plan to grow the physical boundaries of Ontario Place to better accommodate everyone’s vision for the space.

As Mayor, Furey will advocate for the province to take the landfill dug out of the Ontario Line project and transport it to Ontario Place to add more land to the beloved space.

He released his plans in advance of today’s mayoral candidates debate on the future of Ontario Place.

“Everyone is passionate about the future of Ontario Place and one of the best ways to ensure there is something for everyone is to make the site bigger,” Furey said. “Landfill was used when the facility was first opened and we can use what’s dug out of the Ontario Line to once again expand this great space.”

Furey pointed out that landfill dug out for the Finch West LRT in 2021 was likewise recycled for other projects.

“I support Premier Doug Ford’s plans to have as many exciting elements as possible at Ontario Place and diverting the subway landfill is one creative and cost effective way to accomplish that goal,” Furey said.

While Furey has previously said that as mayor he will not green light the province’s plan without robust public consultation on the final plans, he believes an expanded facility will help satisfy all concerns.

“We’ve got to enliven this facility, I don’t think anyone disagrees about that, so let’s have more of everything — especially public space — by growing the footprint of Ontario Place,” Furey added.


NOTE: Anthony Furey will be participating in the Toronto Mayoral Debate: The Future of Ontario Place TODAY from 12pm – 2pm.
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