May 8, 2023 in Announcements

Furey Calls for “Buy-and-Hire Toronto” Procurement Policies

Furey Calls for “Buy-and-Hire Toronto” Procurement Policies

Measures would favour City businesses and workers, while connecting apprentices with industry

NEWS – May 8, 2023

TORONTO – Mayoral Candidate Anthony Furey today outlined a package of steps to boost local business and industry, while helping Toronto’s economy bounce back from COVID-19.

“Our economy has lost ground from the pandemic, inflation and economic uncertainty,” Furey said. “It’s time for Toronto procurement policies that actively support local businesses, suppliers and workers.”

Under a Furey administration, the City would enact procurement policies that:

  • require municipal projects to favour Toronto suppliers and manufacturers
  • favour Toronto workers and apprentices for all municipal projects, and
  • sponsor an annual Jobs Fair to match apprentices with industry and Toronto suppliers with buyers

“We can look to other jurisdictions that have taken this approach and gained real local economic benefits – all within the rules of existing trade agreements[1],” Furey stressed.

Furey made the announcement at Leland Industries – a long-time Scarborough manufacturer of nuts and bolts that offers an example of a local product line that should be incorporated into municipal projects.

“This bold announcement is what Toronto businesses said,” said Jocelyn Bamford, Vice President of Automatic Coating Limited, another Scarborough manufacturer. “Given the Buy America policy of the United States, this is needed to save jobs. I commend Anthony Furey in understanding how to keep high-paying, high-skilled jobs in Toronto.”

Bamford is also founder of the Coalition of Concerned Businesses & Manufacturers of Canada.

Furey explained that a comparable procurement model was adopted by Cleveland, Ohio, after the 2008 financial crisis, with positive results that saw an increase in local employment and economic growth.

“We owe the people of Toronto fresh new thinking and innovative ideas like these when it comes to strengthening our local economy and quality of life,” Furey concluded.


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Furey: We Can Fix This!

Here’s what’s wrong with the way things are:

Every year, according to the Cooperative Enterprise Council, governments in Canada procure approximately $200 billion in goods and services – $22 billion by federal agencies and another $180 billion at the provincial, regional, and municipal levels.

Problem is, too little of that money is targeted at businesses within their home jurisdictions. Atlantic Canada’s Centre for Local Prosperity, for example, has reported that “$4.50 out of every $10 spent in New Brunswick leaves the economy. This is the highest “leakage rate” in Atlantic Canada. 

By contrast, more than a dozen studies have shown that every dollar spent with local businesses creates between two and four times more jobs than it does if it goes to an outside business.

Here’s what I’m going to do to fix it:

Especially in the aftermath of COVID 19, inflation and economic turbulence, Toronto businesses, employers and workers deserve City procurement policies that specifically direct municipal projects toward local enterprises. I will enact these as your Mayor – and I will also sponsor a yearly Jobs Fair to match apprentices with industry and Toronto suppliers with buyers.

Here’s what the benefits will be for the people of Toronto:

The Centre for Local Prosperity has also reported that, “Shifting the Atlantic Canada leakage rate by just 10 per cent would create 43,000 new jobs, $2.6 billion in new wages, and GDP growth of $4.7 billion.”

This has also been the experience of other places that have adopted local “Buy-andHire” procurement policies. There is every reason to think that the City of Toronto could reap similar benefits. But only if we try!

[1] Source: Co-operative Enterprise Council ( – “While it is true that various trade agreements place some restrictions on government procurement, there are plenty of opportunities under their Exemptions, Exceptions and Exclusions…”