May 10, 2023 in Announcements

Enough is Enough with the TDSB

Anthony Furey on the TDSB Mother's Day Controversy

Controversy over removal of sign supporting mothers demands a housecleaning: Furey

NEWS – May 10, 2023

TORONTO – Mayoral candidate Anthony Furey is calling for an overhaul of the Toronto District School Board. 

“Yesterday’s decision to remove a sign supporting mothers outside Kew Beach Public School is just more evidence that the TDSB is in thrall to political correctness and is in urgent need of reform,” Furey said.

“Time and again now we’ve seen how its far-left administrators are creating a culture of intolerance and left-wing zealotry in our schools. It’s bad for our kids’ education and it has got to stop.”

The sign, taken down Tuesday in response to what was initially a single complaint on social media, was meant as a Mother’s Day greeting. It read, ‘Life Does Not Come with a Manual. It Comes with a Mom.’

School administrators immediately apologized, saying it “does not reflect the inclusivity of our community.”

According to CTV Toronto, Grade 6 school students themselves came up with the sign’s message.   

“As Mayor, I would also call for the reinstatement of the School Resource Officer program, to help ensure our children and teachers have a safe place to learn and work,” Furey added.

The TDSB abruptly canceled the program in late 2022, leading to what many observers say has been the most violent period in the Board’s history.

“I’m hearing from parents of all walks of life across Toronto who say they just want a school system focused on academic excellence and safety,” Furey said. “As Mayor, I will be the voice for parents who have grown tired of divisive ideologies holding so much sway in our schools.

“It must stop.”


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