May 16, 2023 in Announcements

Making Our Streets Safe Again

Making Our Streets Safe Again

Furey will hire 500 police officers, boost officer visibility on streets

NEWS – May 16, 2023

TORONTO – The City we love can have safe streets again, but only if we ramp up the visible presence of police in our streets, Mayoral Candidate Anthony Furey declared today.

“Everyone tells me safety is one of their top concerns,” Furey said, speaking at City Hall while flanked by current and former law enforcement personnel. As Mayor, Furey will enhance public safety by hiring 500 more uniformed officers.

Toronto currently has fewer police than we did over 10 years ago, despite the fact our population has grown,” Furey said. “Our current public safety concerns are all about cause and effect. We reduced the number of officers and now we’re facing problems.”

Furey stressed that the 500 count is meant to permanently increase the uniformed officer headcount. As Mayor, Furey won’t just be hiring police to replace those retiring and he won’t let the numbers dwindle. This new figure will be maintained.

“A lot of officers tell me that they support enhancing the visible presence of police on our streets and in our communities,” Furey said. “It’s time to bring back the beat cop. Both the bad guys and worried citizens need to see police walking the streets more. My plan will allow for that to happen.”

Furey’s plan for restoring public safety includes:

  • increasing the permanent headcount of uniformed officers by 500
  • investing resources to achieve NENA (National Emergency Number Association) standards for 911 calls.
  • ensuring 90 per cent of 911 calls are answered within 15 seconds and 95 per cent are answered within 20 seconds
  • appointing no councillor who has called to defund the police to the Executive Committee
  • working with the Police Services Board and Chief to enhance “beat cops” on the streets, and
  • allowing for more mental-health workers to augment police expertise when needed

“I’m proud to be the only candidate running for Mayor who didn’t at some point throw the police under the bus,” Furey said. “While I believe in holding officers who break the rules to account, we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. I’ve always supported Toronto police – and now we need them more than ever.”


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