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Mounting Evidence Shows Furey’s Policy on “Authorized” Drug Sites is Right

Fatal downtown stabbing at “safe” drug injection site, major investigation, back candidate’s approach to restoring safe streets through mandatory treatment

NEWS – May 19, 2023

TORONTO – Last week’s stabbing outside a so-called “safe injection” site near Yonge and Dundas Square – which left one person dead – is proof that these sites need to be shut down in favour of mandatory treatment for users, Mayoral Candidate Anthony Furey said today.

In addition, a major journalistic investigation, published May 9, is strong evidence so-called “safer supply” schemes are doing far more harm than good, he added.

The investigation, by the National Post’s Adam Zivo, found that “a significant portion, if not the majority, of taxpayer-funded opioids being distributed via ‘safer supply’ sites ends up being resold to the black market”, where they are destroying lives.

“I’ve said from the start that this approach has been a human disaster, and now we know I’m right,” Furey said. “People see what’s happening in Vancouver and San Francisco – and they don’t want it to happen here.

If we want to make Toronto safe again, we’ve got to slam the brakes on this insane City Hall-sanctioned drug subculture with an integrated package of measures (see following) to confront this crisis head on.”

According to the CBC, opioid deaths in Toronto climbed to 591 in 2021, Furey noted.

“Step One is to scrap the opening of two new planned safe injection sites. Step Two is to redirect those resources to facilities for mandatory treatment.”

But the most important thing we can do, Furey stressed, is to change a culture at City Hall that allows these “progressive” schemes to take root in the first place.

“That’s what my campaign for Mayor is all about,” Furey concluded. “We can fix this – and get the Toronto we love back on its feet.”


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Furey: We Can Fix This!

The Issue: There is Nothing “Safe” About “Safer Supply” Drug Sites

Here’s what’s wrong with the way things are:

The drug crisis in Toronto is out of control, with hundreds of deaths from drug toxicity reported every year. And now, someone has lost his life at the hands of an addict in the heart of our City.”

But City Hall wants to expand the number of so-called safe injection sites, while asking Ottawa to decriminalize all drugs for personal use. According to the CBC, Toronto “updated that request last month, laying out a model that goes further than what Health Canada approved in British Columbia” – and we all know how that’s turning out.

Now, though, a major new investigation published May 9 in the National Post has uncovered convincing evidence that so-called “safer supply” sites are actually making the opioid crisis worse, as taxpayer funded opioids are being resold to the black market, where – completely uncontrolled – they are causing untold more human misery and deaths through record numbers of toxicity overdoses.

Here’s what I’m going to do to fix it:

I am calling for the immediate cancellation of two proposed new, City Hall-sanctioned injection sites, and for the resources to be diverted to mandatory treatment facilities. And as Mayor, I will demand that Ottawa scrap its so called “safer supply” scheme in favour of a mandatory treatment program for our citizens struggling in the clutches of often-fatal addictions. In addition to requiring mandatory treatment, I will:

  • join Queen’s Park, backed by all other provinces, in pushing for reform of lax federal bail and parole rules
  • end all COVID-related restrictions on youth and other shelters to enable greater capacity, and
  • mandate lighting in dark streets and alleys

Here’s what the benefits will be for the people of Toronto:

Safer streets and neighbourhoods. Lower overall policing costs. Less stress on our health care system. But most importantly – saved lives.

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“How should Toronto best combat drug addiction? Mayoral candidates have starkly different ideas.” – CBC, April 12
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“How should Toronto best combat drug addiction? Mayoral candidates have starkly different ideas.” – CBC, April 12

Mounting Evidence Shows Furey’s Policy on “Authorized” Drug Sites is Right