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Furey on the CARP Debate: Now You Know

Carp Debate

Canadian Association of Retired Persons debate the first to recognize candidate’s rising position in the polls

NEWS – June 7, 2023

TORONTO – Wednesday’s CARP debate threw into stark relief the contrast between Anthony Furey and his opponents in the current Mayoral debate, Campaign Manager Jordan Katz said today.

“From Josh Matlow’s accusation of “fear-mongering” over Toronto-branded crack pipes, to Olivia Chow’s refusal to explain her plans for a property tax hike, this debate showed our opponents’ true colours,” Katz said.

Also instructive was the sheer volume of what Furey calls “City Hall Bubble Speak”: “re-visit proactively”, “outreach”, “deliverables”, and so on.

Just as notable, Katz said, was candidate Mark Saunders’ remark that ‘random crime is the issue.’

“This from a former police chief who presided over a sharp drop in public safety in our City?”

Katz also quoted Furey on his views regarding Olivia Chow: “I have a high regard for Ms. Chow,” Furey said. “Of course I don’t agree with her principles at all.

“But at least she has some.”

By contrast, Katz added, only Furey has a detailed plan to:

  • add 500 more police to our streets and transit system, coordinating with mental health specialists where needed
  • clear our parks and trails of dangerous encampments and drug users, and
  • undertake a top-to-bottom audit of city spending, to redirect our focus to priorities such as relieving traffic congestion

The CARP debate’s host, Libby Znaimer, closed the broadcast by expressing the hope that viewers might be helped in making their decisions a result of the debate.

“For the sake of the City we love, I hope so too,” Katz concluded.


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Furey on the CARP Debate: Now You Know

Carp Debate