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Furey: No New Taxes

No New Taxes

Right now there’s a lot of talk at Toronto City Hall about creating new taxes to levy against Toronto residents and taxpayers.

This is unacceptable. It’s got to stop.

It’s simply irresponsible and disrespectful to hardworking Toronto residents and taxpayers to talk about new taxes when we have an affordability crisis on our hands.

Doesn’t Council realize that the price of food has skyrocketed recently? Don’t they see how rents are soaring? And yet they have the nerve to casually float ideas for new “revenue tools” — the term they use for all of the taxes they’re just itching to introduce.

Some of the most popular ideas include road tolls on the Gardiner and DVP and a new parking levy.

But a recent report shows the city has also looked into creating a municipal sales tax, which would also cover online purchases. This would be a gut punch to small businesses fighting to survive. These sorts of taxes would disproportionately harm lower income residents and seniors on fixed incomes.

While some of the other candidates are going along with these calls for new taxes, as mayor of Toronto I will put my foot down and say no. Regular people are being taxed too much already.

Instead of calling for new taxes from day one, I will do the opposite. One of my first acts as mayor will be to commence a 90-day review of City services and activities. If the City is up to something that isn’t laser-focused on providing services residents rely on and that taxpayers expect their money to go towards, then we may have to say bye-bye to that expense. Additionally, I will ensure the city is getting value for money on all contracts.

I’m not just talking about finding small efficiencies here and there that don’t add up to much. This is also about having an honest conversation about some of the things the City is doing that all reasonable people, regardless of their politics, would agree is not an actual service that hardworking residents rely on. The budget has ballooned a lot in recent years.

I have already found entire City spending projects that would shock the average Toronto resident. I look forward to bringing up some of these projects in the weeks ahead, to give Toronto voters a sense of how my review will unfold and to earn your trust that I am the person to do it.

It is simply disrespectful to talk about raising taxes on hardworking people without first doing the review. Every businessperson understands what I’m talking about. So does anyone who manages a family budget. It’s unfortunate that so many people at City Hall, including some of my opponents in the campaign, don’t see it this way.

It’s called spring cleaning for a reason. We need to take a hard look at these things every year, not once a decade.

My promise to the people of Toronto is that I will be the strongest voice to step forward and say no to this push for new taxes.


Mike Bendixen | Senior Media Advisor
The Anthony Furey for Mayor Campaign
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Furey: No New Taxes

No New Taxes