June 20, 2023 in Announcements

Fighting Congestion, Retaining the Gardiner, Stopping Bike Lanes

Furey is the champion of Torontonians struggling just to get around

NEWS – June 20, 2023

TORONTO – With six days left to go in Toronto’s Mayoral Campaign, the polls continue to show that Anthony Furey is the only candidate with momentum. 

Forum Research’s Monday poll shows Furey has hit his highest number to date, is in a statistical tie within the margin of error for second place, and that the other candidates have stalled.

On Tuesday, Furey today kicked off the second in a series of four final policy statements, to be followed by a three-day blitz of all of Toronto’s wards.

“I’m standing up for respect for Toronto commuters,” Furey said from Lakeshore Blvd and the DVP area. “This City simply cannot afford an Olivia Chow mayoralty. The East Gardiner would be torn down creating more traffic chaos, fewer cops would be available for transit safety and bike lanes would be everywhere if she is elected Mayor.”

Furey’s strategy for getting Toronto on the move again includes:

  • a complete reassessment of the RapidTO scheme, which turns vehicle lanes into bus and obviously under-used bike lanes, creating even more congestion
  • a straightforward “NO” to tolls on the Gardiner and DVP
  • launch a project to investigate the ability to reallocate the dedicated GO Bus lanes on the Don Valley Parkway to regular commuters.  Drivers are tired of sitting in traffic on the DVP while there is an empty lane next to them. 
  • reform to the City Planning Department which imposes many obstructive projects at the same time, making travel through the City next-to-impossible now
  • holding competitions with the tech, engineering and other sectors for innovative gridlock solutions
  • finishing the Ontario Line and the long-stalled Eglinton Crosstown project before starting any major new transit infrastructure
  • no more concrete dividers or bike lanes on major streets – especially in areas facing major construction
  • reviewing the disruptive closure of major thoroughfares such as the DVP and Lakeshore Blvd. for cycling and other events, and
  • keeping the eastern Gardiner, but with essential maintenance: Flawed as it is, it remains a vital artery: (We’ve already seen how the removal of one off-ramp has made life miserable for area residents and businesses below)

“It’s time to unclog our City and get our priorities straight, if we hope to make Toronto liveable again and help get the City we love back on its feet.”


Mike Bendixen | Senior Media Advisor
The Anthony Furey for Mayor Campaign
Telephone: 416-951-6397

Fighting Congestion, Retaining the Gardiner, Stopping Bike Lanes