June 21, 2023 in Announcements

500 More Police, Boosting Transit Safety

Making Our Streets Safe Again

Furey is the champion of Torontonians who want an end to random violence on our streets and on the TTC

NEWS – June 21, 2023

TORONTO – With six days left to go in Toronto’s Mayoral Campaign, the polls continue to show that Anthony Furey is the only candidate with momentum. 

Forum Research’s Monday poll shows Furey has hit his highest number to date, is in a statistical tie within the margin of error for second place, and that the other candidates have stalled.

On Wednesday, Furey kicked off the third in a series of four final policy statements, to be followed by a three-day blitz of all of Toronto’s wards.

“I’m standing up for respect for Toronto residents and transit users,” Furey said outside Keele station this morning. “This City simply cannot afford an Olivia Chow mayoralty. The police would be defunded and fewer cops would be available on our streets and for transit safety if she is elected Mayor.

“What we see now is cause-and-effect coming home to roost,” Furey added. “Fewer cops, more crime: You do the math.”

Furey’s strategies for making Toronto safe again include:

  • hiring 500 more police to bring staffing up to 2014 levels (when crime was lower and our population smaller) and to create a more visible police presence on streets and subways – which voters have repeatedly told Furey they want to see
  • authorizing and training TTC Special Constables to carry tasers instead of night sticks
  • upgrading police radios to ensure they work in all parts of our transit system (they often don’t)
  • increasing cooperation between Toronto Police Services and TTC Special Constables, and
  • recruiting more mental-health workers to augment police expertise when needed

“It’s time to support our police and get our priorities straight, if we hope to make Toronto safe again and help get the City we love back on its feet.”


Mike Bendixen | Senior Media Advisor
The Anthony Furey for Mayor Campaign
Telephone: 416-951-6397

500 More Police, Boosting Transit Safety

Making Our Streets Safe Again