June 22, 2023 in Announcements

Reclaiming Our Parks for Kids and Families

Furey has a “families first” position when it comes to cleaning up our streets and public spaces

NEWS – June 22, 2023

“Allan Gardens is a no-go zone where City Hall has lost control.” – Toronto Star columnist Rosie DiManno, the Toronto Star, June 18, 2023

TORONTO – With five days left to go in Toronto’s Mayoral Campaign, the polls have confirmed that Anthony Furey is the only candidate with momentum. 

Forum Research’s Monday poll shows Furey hit his highest number to date, is in a statistical tie within the margin of error for second place, and that the other candidates have stalled. The addition of former mayoral candidate Rob Davis to the team – with other moves to come – has added further energy to the campaign.

On Thursday, Furey announced the fourth in a series of final policy statements, to be followed by a three-day blitz of all of Toronto’s wards.

He was joined by his wife, Leslie, as they discussed their experiences as parents in Moss Park, Allan Gardens and other parks across the city.

“When we lived downtown, we knew what it was like to find needles in the playground,” Furey said. “That’s one of the reasons we moved to the east end. But now we’re finding parks in the suburbs are also being overrun with drug paraphernalia and encampments.”

During last week’s CP24 debate, Olivia Chow made it clear she would not phase out drug injection sites and she would not prioritize clearing the parks. “If Olivia Chow becomes Mayor, these awful scenes we’re seeing play out in our communities will only worsen. As Mayor, I’ll turn this city around.”

Furey’s strategies for making Toronto public spaces again include:

  • hiring 500 more police to bring staffing up to 2014 levels (when crime was lower and our population smaller) and to create a more visible police presence in our parks – which voters have routinely told Furey they want to see
  • removing tent encampments in all parks, which are often scenes of violence, harassment, theft and serious drug abuse
  • increasing security patrols by Toronto Police Services and other security personnel as available at parks and on trails, and
  • requiring drug injection site staff to do regular clean-up sweeps of parks and playgrounds close to their facilities
  • phasing out drug injection sites and replacing them with treatment centres

“As the father of three small kids, I know what I’m talking about when I say it’s time to support our families and clean up our parks. This is how we make Toronto liveable again, grow the local economy, and help get the City we love back on its feet.”


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Reclaiming Our Parks for Kids and Families