What the Critics Say:

Funny how history works, isn’t it? Every now and then, a leader comes along at our moment of greatest need. Our greatest need right now? We all know that the Toronto we love is in trouble: Random violence on our streets and transit. Needles in parks. Crumbling infrastructure. A billion dollar hole in the budget. A City Council that only listens to the vocal few at the expense of the voiceless many. It’s got to stop. And these people who have endorsed Anthony Furey for Mayor seem to agree:

  • Jerry Agar NEWSTALK 1010 Commentator
  • John Baird former federal Conservative Cabinet Minister
  • Sam Bulte former federal Liberal Cabinet Minister
  • Jocelyn Bamford Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers and Businesses founder
  • Georganne Burke Pathway Senior Vice President
  • Roman Baber former Ontario MPP
  • Tarek Fatah the late Toronto Sun columnist
  • John Hastings former Ontario MPP
  • Angela Kennedy former Toronto Catholic District School Board Chair
  • Stewart Kiff Conservative Party of Canada National Council Ontario representative
  • Sue-Ann Levy former Toronto Sun columnist
  • Gila Martow Vaughan Ward 5 City Councillor and former Ontario MPP
  • Mark McEwan celebrity chef
  • Dan McTeague former Liberal MP
  • Dennis Mills former Liberal MP
  • Joe Oliver former federal Finance Minister
  • Dr. Weidong Pei Toronto District School Board Trustee
  • Dr. Jordan Peterson international lecturer and author
  • Curtis Priest Garment District Neighbourhood Association President
  • John Snobelen former Ontario Cabinet Minister and Sun Media columnist
  • Catherine Swift former Canadian Federation of Independent Business head
  • Mike Weaver former NHL Great
  • Vern White former Senator and Ottawa Police Chief
  • Conrad Black member of the British House of Lords, National Post columnist and former newspaper publisher
  • Bob Runciman former Ontario MPP and Solicitor General and current Senator
  • Peter Shurman former Ontario MPP and Broadcaster
  • Stephen Le Drew former federal Liberal Party President
  • Pauline Browes former Federal Cabinet Minister
  • Gordon Walker former Ontario Cabinet Minister
  • Lorrie Goldstein long time Toronto Sun Columnist
  • Rob Davis former City Councillor