Mark Saunders has stalled

An Open Letter to Mark Saunders Voters

As the Toronto Mayoral campaign enters its final sprint, it’s important that voters – especially centre-right voters – keep a few key facts in mind as they head to the polls.

An unavoidable reality of this campaign is that Mark Saunders has stalled. All of the public polling data show that he is stuck at the same percentages as he received in April.

The April 12 Mainstreet poll put Saunders at 13 per cent, and the most recent Mainstreet poll on June 15 has Saunders once again at 13 per cent. The Saunders campaign has zero momentum at this late stage, and hasn’t grown a single percentage point, even after two months of well-financed campaigning.

Meanwhile, in recent weeks Anthony Furey has managed to rapidly jump from seventh place to third, according to the latest Forum Research poll. And, in the most recent Mainstreet poll, Furey and Saunders were tied within the margin of error, at 11 per cent and 13 per cent respectively.

What the details within the polls show is that while the vast majority of Saunders supporters are also Furey supporters, and would switch their votes in a heartbeat, the same doesn’t apply in the opposite direction.

Most importantly, Furey is seen as the most authentic voice in the race. His supporters back him not for strategic or cynical reasons, but because they believe in the vision he has articulated.

When it comes to the Saunders campaign, it is clear they realize they could not gain traction on Saunders name alone. That is why they tried, unsuccessfully, to sell him as the Anti-Chow choice.

All of the numbers indicate that Saunders has no credible path to victory. But Furey — who brings youth, energy and passion to this race — has a real opening in this final week.

Olivia Chow would hasten Toronto’s decline. Anthony Furey is focused on ensuring that our beautiful city doesn’t look anything more like those awful scenes coming out of Seattle or San Francisco.

If you truly believe in stopping Olivia Chow, Anthony Furey represents your first and best choice.

Anthony Furey believes that Toronto is a city worth fighting for and that, together, we can fix this mess.

Team Furey

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