No New Bike Lanes

On Apr 20th I announced as Mayor I would stop the proposed bike lanes planned for Bloor St, Eglington Ave, Sheppard Ave and Kingston Rd. I would remove the bike lanes from roads where their presence and most importantly going forward any new bike lanes going forward would involve input from BIAs and other community groups.

Getting rid of Safe Injection sites

Too many Torontonians see what is happening in Vancouver and Seattle and worry that Toronto is headed is the same direction. 
I announced that I would as Mayor turn the two new proposed safe injection sites into treatment centres for those seeking to escape their drug addiction.
As the number of injection sites has increased in Canada, so has the number of overdose deaths and so has the violence,” said Furey. “This is not a sustainable situation. We need to prioritize treatment. Isn’t that what you’d want for yourself or a loved one?”

No new taxes and zero tax increases

Mayoral candidates have talked about new “revenue” tools for the City of Toronto. Just to be clear a revenue tool is just another word for a tax. Some of the taxes that are being considered are tolls for the DVP, Gardiner and or 401, a municipal sales tax and multiple new fees for services. There is also consideration for potential double digit increases to current taxes and fees. 
While virtually all other Mayoral candidates have committed to a higher tax burden. Anthony Furey has committed that there will be no new taxes and no tax increases under his watch. 

Supporting small and medium businesses to create jobs

For too many and for too long it has looked like the City of Toronto has stood in the way of small and medium sized businesses from maximizing their success in Toronto. Be it arbitrary rulings, excessive regulations or unconscionable delays in permits and other city approvals the message is clear The City of Toronto is not on your side. Businesses across the city have heard the message loud and clear. 
As Mayor Anthony Furey will create a new culture at City Hall. We will eliminate unneeded regulation, reduce the time for permit approval and work closely with business to ensure that business feel the City of Toronto is a place where they can grow and create new jobs.